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Company Culture

P&E Vision: P&E be everywhere!

P&E Mission: Make the world connected seamlessly!

P&E Values: Belief,  Efficiency, Faith, Simplification, Interconnection,Core, Value, Determination.


Belief: Destiny

Efficiency: Fast action, no fear of trial and error. 

Faith: The world be connected, P&E will be everywhere.

Simplification: Simplify complex things, quantify tedious works.

Interconnection: Be result-oriented, connecting and benefiting each other. 

Core: Focus on the core of works, be clear of primary and secondary order.

Value: The value of a person; the value of products; the value of business; the value of company; the value of connection.

Determination: Attitude is what determines whether you can achieve your goals. Once you make up your mind, just stick to it. 


P&E Code of conduct: Sure to make it happen!


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