About Us

Who are we?

New horizon care centre (NHCC) is a non-profit organization committed to provide drug treatment, rehabilitation and financial assistance to the poor patients of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and their families. New Horizons Care Centre (NHCC) is the very first treatment & rehabilitation centre of Pakistan providing Free treatment, rehabilitation, after care and follow-up services to patients of Substance Use Disorder. Moreover NHCC has been working on the treatment of women and their rehabilitation, HIV Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of street children etc. It’s also a drug abuse prevention organization that develop, and promote strategies, policies, healthy life styles, enhancing positive attitudes, improving life skills and empowering individuals to reduce illegal drug use, drug addiction, crimes and drug-related injuries.


  • To provide medical help, food and shelter for admitted drug addict on free of cost basis during treatment.
  • To provide medical, moral, psychological and social support for registered clients for their whole life.
  • To help the client to reintegrate with his own family.
  • To provide continuous Follow-up after treatment on regular basis with the consent of the client.
  • To provide social and moral support and reduce sense of alienation for Ex-drug addicts in their own areas through self-support groups.
  • To provide Treatment and Rehabilitation services to women with Drug Abuse problem on free of cost basis.
  • To provide help and awareness on the doorstep of common people through areas booths.
  • Formation of community based awareness and educational program.

Treatment Objectives

The goals of NHCC’s addiction recovery program are to:

  • Immediately interrupt the progression of disease through abstinence from alcohol and mind/mood-altering drugs.
  • Educate both the patient and family about the natural history of the disease and the consequences of not treating the disease.
  • Provide a framework for each patient to apply this addiction recovery education to his or her own personal history of alcohol and/or drug use.
  • Teach new coping skills and the tools necessary to change thinking and behavior, allowing the patient to meet life’s challenges without returning to the use of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Provide hope and optimism for the patient and family so that the patient can maintain a sober, responsible and productive life as a contributing member of his or her family and community.


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