AfterCare program support Group service

(Re-Integration into Society Program following after primary Treatment)

To merge in the mainstream society is very difficult for an Ex Drug Addicts who is treated and Rehabilitated. In this case Centre should provide better chances for adjustment. For this purpose different type of interventions are uses. Some times we have to work with Community and other times we have to deal with Family and job provider. Treatment can never be successful without After Care Services.

After Care Services
  Here are some of the services providing continuum of care such as

•Recovery Support Group/ Ex Drug Addict support Groups
•Family Support Group
•Follow up
•Life Skills Training
•Self-Employment Scheme
•Job Placement
And other needed by recovering addict

Follow Up System 
Follow up system exist with the combination of recovering, family and community.
Recovering also has to maintain close contact with center and come to consult. Centre form such teams that visits and provide out reach services for recovering. These teams could be the best source to evaluate the true performance of Centre. Family also took part in this crucial phase and keep in close contact with Centre. Community can take active part in the readjustment of recovering by providing them social and employment support at large scale.


1. There are 4 teams of out reach workers. It includes:
2. Recovering Counselor
3. Booth’s Chief, Assistant Chief & Deputy Chief
4. NHCC Motor Cycle Team
5. Mobile Team
They are covering 40 areas of Karachi.
1. Evaluation Procedure takes place after every 3 months.
2. Whole project Evaluation is done by International Trainers who provide us Evaluation and Guidance free of cost.

Self-Employment cell has been working to provide income resources for those recovering addicts who have no financial means or support to start any business. Centre is helping them to start their own business with the loan or material for small-scale business. Center has also formed close contact with factories, workshops and other recruitment agencies. Willing clients are sent there and their salary is been sent to their families in the initial months. Vocational training in automotive/electrical repair, welding, carpentry, handicrafts, sewing, food preparation etc. Main features of this phase include:

• Skills training according to individual needs
• Micro-enterprise development
• Job placement & Follow-up on job

Self Help Groups

Self help is neither about a person helping his own self nor about an individual getting help from a single helper, but about a group with similar problems, helping and supporting each other reaching for a common goal.
The Ex Drug Addicts Support Group is the group of all Recovering Drug Addicts, regular sessions and meetings are held to monitor their sobriety and their mandate to clean living. Fellowship gatherings are held to strengthen kinship. They also provide support and responsible concern to new members and act as role models to the younger ones in the program. They also engage in community outreach activities and do special missions. We have established ex-drug addicts support groups for N.A meeting at their own area booths where they can spend their time and also share views to solve their problems. On every Sunday a grand meeting of Ex Drug Addicts is held at head office where the recovering from different areas of the city come together and join the meeting. Every week about 150-200 recovering persons are benefited IN Ex Drug Addicts Support Groups
  Addiction is frequently referred to as a family disease. It affects not only Drug Abuser but also each and every member of the family and threatens the very structure of the family. Since the drug dependent will eventually return to his family, the culture the family should enable him to sustain his recovery. In order for this to happen, family member should likewise undergo change. Regardless of weather dependent get well or not, it is being discovered that by treating families, one can change ineffective family system. And a family system is renewed; the family can once again become a healthy environment for everyone, including the recovering drug dependent.     First time in Pakistan well organized Family Support Groups are functioning, meetings are held on every Friday in different areas of city including NHCC headquarter, which are run by the volunteer facilitators who are codependent themselves.     Every week about 200-250 codependent family members are benefited in Family Support Group meetings.

Community Support Group

There was a strong need to build a bridge among Recovering, Families and Community and this dream becomes true when we learned from the training workshops that for the solidarity of Treatment & Rehabilitation there are some basic steps to follow.
1 Drug Prevention
2 Pre Treatment Interventions
3 After Care Services
     To work on these three step full involvement of every segment of society is essential e.g., Ex Drug Addicts, Families, Community. Therefore, New Horizons Care Center established Community Support Group which help in reintegration of Ex Drug Addicts in the community, support Aftercare services in different areas of city and they also work with NHCC on Drug Prevention. More than 100 volunteers are working in community support Groups of NHCC and they have established an association named “Friends of New Horizons”.

Outreach / Drop in centers

New Horizons Care Center is running 14 outreach / drop in centers in Karachi city for proper follow up and aftercare of recovering Drug addicts.
1. New Karachi Booth: Sector # 5-F, House # 57/19
2. Yusuf Goth Booth
3. Buffer Zone Booth
4. Pahar Gunj Booth
5. Azam Town, Booth Mehmood Abad: Sofoot Road
6. Azam Basti, Booth Mehmood Abad: Gali # 1
7. Baldia Town Booth: Mohajir Camp, Bangor Mohala
8. Drigh Road Booth: Cant Alfalh Bazar, Mashriq Karachi
9. Shah Faisal Colony Booth
10. Bhetai Goth: Near Gulistan-e-johar
11. Al-Asif square
12. Liaqat Abad.
13. Christen Town.
14. Khuda ke Basti Out Reach Centre/ Drop in Centre
All the places for Booths / outreach centers are borrowed from Community except Khuda Ke Basti.

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