Shaheed Naveed Yonus

Who was Shaheed Naveed Yonous?

naveed sahb

Coordinator/founder, New Horizons Care Center (The first 100% free treatment and rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Pakistan)
President, Drug Free Pakistan Foundation
Ex Chairman, Pakistan Chemicals & Dyes Merchant Association
Vice President, Asian Federation of Therapeutic Community
Member of Chamber of Commerce & Industry Karachi
Membership of Asian Cities against Drugs

Shaheed Muhammad Naveed Younus was born on 22nd Feb, 1964 in Karachi. He has been a well known businessman of Chemicals and Dyes and clearing forwarding for last 25 years and his office situated in an oldest place of Jodai Bazar Karachi. In his business community he and a group of friends were very active in Social activities like providing food in draught areas, helping widows and their children, helping innocent victims in jails etc. In 2002 they started a campaign to clean up business area Streets where several Drug Addicts were lying unattended. They contacted Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) which was in contact with them due to monitoring of chemicals they were importing from different countries. ANF authorities motivated them to open their own treatment and rehabilitation center for drug addicts with their collaboration instead of sending them to some other facility. They also mentioned that there is no free treatment and rehab center for approx 5 million Drug Addicts’ population in Pakistan. Although they had no technical skills and education, but they were highly motivated to work in this field to help thousand of unattended sufferings as they believed this to be a Noble Cause. In June 2002 Shaheed Muhammad Naveed Younus with the support of his business community and ANF he established New Horizons Care Center (NHCC) which is the First 100 % Free Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts in Pakistan. Initially it was a 30 beds facility and it was a thought limited number of patients will be admitted but as it was mentioned there was no free treatment and rehab center for the drug addicts in Pakistan and 80% of the addicts’ population belongs to lower socio economic sector who cant afford expensive treatment. Moreover, there were 1 million drug addicts in only Karachi and ultimately when people came to know about New Horizons Care Center thousands of patients came on waiting list. It was hard to avoid the poor sufferings and their families so the hospital was extended from 25 to 35 beds facility within few months.

Though Shaheed Naveed Younus was a businessman and he had no skills and education to run the drug treatment hospital but his motivation and dedication was really exceptional. In November 2002 an international organization Colombo Plan organized a training workshop on drug abuse and Late Naveed Younus was nominated from government to participate but the international consultant Mr. Tay Bian How refused to take him in saying he is professionally a businessman and no use of him to be in this training program but organizer told him that he has established the free treatment and rehab services in Pakistan and highly motivated somehow he was allowed to participate. After around year when the Mr. Tay Bian How visited Pakistan Naveed requested him to visit New Horizons Care Center. When he reached NHCC and practically saw the system of NHCC he got surprised and stood up saying how can you do the this wonderful job in such a very short time. Till that time he invited Shaheed Naveed Younus in every conference, symposia and programs at international level.  NHCC in drug treatment and rehabilitation which helped us to establish modern treatment approaches in Pakistan. Today New Horizons Care Center (NHCC) has been declared as having one of the best techniques in Pakistan and Asia by many national and international organizations.

Now NHCC has 2 treatment and rehab centers and 15 Booths / Outreach centers all over Karachi. At a time 220 to 230 patients are hospitalized at NHCC who receive food, shelter, medicines, Disease prevention and treatment. During rehabilitation process the recovering drug addicts receive relapse prevention, aftercare, follow up, self employment and self help group services free of cost. Every day we are dealing in large quantity of patients with 700-1000 Patients on our waiting list all the time. NHCC have many self help groups in Karachi and they work as Ex-drug addicts support group, family support group and community support group.
We have also established Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) which is a drug abuse prevention organization committed to develop, and promote strategies, policies, healthy life style, enhancing positive attitude, improving life skills and individuals’ empowerment that will reduce illegal drug use, drug addiction and drug-related crimes. The organization promotes the creation of drug free and healthy environment and upholds a comprehensive approach to drug issues, involving prevention, education, advocacy and research, capacity building and awareness rising.
By the passage of time Naveed came up as international speaker in the field of drug abuse and he successfully presented Pakistan in Lima Peru in 2009, several time in Malaysia particularly in Kalalumpur, Penang, Subhang and Melaka, Twice presented in Colombo Srilanka, 3 times he presented in Philippine particularly in Manila and Preutto Princessa, twice he presented best practices in drug demand reduction in Pakistan in Indonesia Jakarta, twice presented in Maldives, Several time presented in Thailand Bangkok, twice he presented in Brunei DarrulIslam and several other countries including U.S and Austria.
Before Shaheed Naveed Younus there was a thought at international level that there are no efficient drug treatment and prevention programs in Pakistan and there is no recovery from drug abuse but Naveed change the thought of the people. He was brought several NGOs and GOs department working on this subject at international forum and introduced them. He was the 1st Pakistani invited to be on the stage with the prominent personalities of other countries.
Shaheed Naveed Younus was the 1st Pakistani from South East Asian who was elected as Vice President of Asian Federadation of Therapeutic Communities which is Asian association whose goal is sharing, understanding and cooperation throughout the global therapeutic community movement.
His extraordinary efforts in the field of drug abuse were voluntarily and his livelihood was his business of chemicals and dyes. He was also a successful businessman and from his community he was elected as Chairman of Pakistan Chemicals & Dyes Merchant Association in 2009. He work as a chairman PCDMA was highly appreciated by the business community. Naveed was also the member of “Asian Cities against Drugs” an Asian based organization whose head office is situated in Melaka, Malaysia. He also established several Anti Drug forums in Pakistan mainly “Friends of Anti Narcotics Pakistan, Teachers against drug abuse and Islamic Scholars against drug abuse

New Horizons fast growing progress in the field of drug abuse was highly noted at international and national level and the organization received best practices award in drug abuse in Pakistan by Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan, Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Program (An international organization working more wider level than United Nation and all Asian Countries are member of it), Asian Cities Against Drugs, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and many other organizations.
Shaheed Muhammad Naveed had strong believed and faith that there is only Allah who is running all these programs and we are just source to facilitate poor.

There is no doubt that Naveed’s progress within very short time was a question mark on the government’s progress in drug trafficking and demand reduction in Pakistan. He remained very outspoken while addressing the drug abuse scenario of Pakistan and the so called progress of law enforcement agencies. He proposed 15 years plan to Government of Pakistan Anti Narcotics Force in Force Commanders Conference in 2006 to overcome drug abuse in Pakistan which was highly appreciated and accepted but never implemented. He many times posed questions on law enforcement agencies about their efforts in drug control in Pakistan which seems to be very irritating for them. He several time said that the amount of funding which is utilized on administration of  law enforcement in Pakistan to control drugs comparative less amount of drugs is consumed.

Shaheed Naveed Younus was the only Pakistani who highly opposed so Called Harm Reduction Programs in Pakistan which are promoting drug legalization. Harm Reduction programs aims to provide free syringes and condoms to Injecting drug addicts, sex workers and vulnerable population in order to  prevent them from HIV/AIDS which is very illogical . But on other hand it’s an other kind of drug legalization.  Drug legalization and permissive drug policies will lead to a greater availability of dangerous drugs in our communities and undermine each nation’s commitment to law enforcement, health care, education, commerce and the family. Many international funding agencies including WHO, UNODC are supporting these programs in Pakistan and almost all the NGOs are working on harm reduction just to get funds without understanding its devasting effects in our society which has increased number of HIV/AIDS patients as we ll as number of Injecting drugs users and moreover, its giving a very negative message to our society and young people. New Horizons Care Center has strong policies for not supporting these evil programs in Pakistan and Shahed Naveed Younus spoke so highly against and several time he wrote the government to condemn these programs and stop donor agencies to play or practice on our nation even though knowing that such programs have already banned in their own countries or under consideration to banned..

Shaheed Muhammad Naveed Younus was the man of dignity who sacrificed his life for this noble cause. He always built our country’s positive image at international level and his motivation and dedication in the field of drug demand reduction was exceptional. He had close association with the drug affected people and he took several initiatives to help sufferings. He remained outspoken while addressing the drug abuse issue of Pakistan. He was a think tank who possessed the greatest quality of a leader, the ability to empower others into position of leadership. His passing is not only the loss of our organizations but this is a loss for our whole Nation, because people like him are born in decades. His name will be written with golden words in the History “Insha-Allah” and his mission will remain alive.

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